Saturday, July 31, 2010


With a smile of a child,

And a heart made of gold,

She walked into my heart,

Like an angel of my world.

So often we dreamed,

Of a small house on a beach,

Made not of bricks but made of love,

Where one day we shall together live.

Our colours didn’t matter,

Not did our castes,

All that did matter,

Was our love and our dreams.

One day suddenly the world around me changed,

She parted with me saying her marriage has got arranged,

She behaved with me as though we had never before met,

And all the promises were never ever made.

I toiled, I tried, I fought to get her back,

I failed each time for her support I never had,

Thinking that one day better sense would prevail,

I continued to work hard to make our dreams real.

Years later, one day we met,

Thinking she has returned,

My face had glittered.

She hadn’t still married,

But had so much changed.

I was called a liar,

When I said I still loved her,

I was called retarded,

When I said for her I always had waited.

May be she is right,

I indeed had been mad,

For I so long mistook,

A demon to be an angel,

A fiend to be a child.

I understand today I had been greatly wronged,

But it doesn’t matter to me as I am now not alone,

It doesn’t really matter what she has done,

For in the past we had so much fun.

As memories of the past take over once again,

In the arms of my angel, some love I feel once again.

What if she is not with me for real,

Can she ever go away from my heart,

Where she always had stayed and forever will.

(This poem is a sequel to the poem 'THE GREATEST BEAUTY ON EARTH' and composed on 28/07/2010)


  1. hey.. good to see the poet in you.. woow.. welcome to this blogsphere.. :) check my blog too.. :)

  2. yours is a nice one.. and well yeah this was a nice piece of poetry.. :)

  3. I think I can understand the essence of this poem....really great work...straight from heart..