Friday, December 28, 2012


I am a proud Indian,
I am a responsible citizen,
I pay all the taxes,
I follow all the rules.

I pay for the up keeping of the criminals in jail,
Who have killed me mercilessly in bus and in rail!
I pay for the security of the VIPs and VVIPs,
As I die in ambulances to let pass their convoys.

I am murdered in roads,
I am raped in buses,
I am robbed in trains,
I am burnt at my homes.
Still I pay for their food,
I pay for their travel,
I pay for their weddings,
I pay for their children.

One day my condition surely would change,
As I shall come out to break all chains.
I will walk that extra mile to set me free,
‘Coz till then they wont stop exploiting me.

I have “miles to go before I sleep”,
I have “miles to go before I sleep”,
Till then they would laugh at me,
While I silently weep.

A poem by Aisharyya Arindam


  1. brilliant!!! I would suggest u to send this poem to media so that it gets published.. There is subtlety in ur poem and will be definitely be appreciated by the mass...
    well done!!!!

  2. Thanks Mauve-mirror. I would like to send the poem to the media but I am not sure how to do it. Please help if you can

  3. Somehow it made me feel that you are not happy with the laws of India.............

  4. No its not that I am not happy with the laws of India. I have a problem with we Indians accepting whatever is given on our plate and doing everything according to the whims of the people in power. We donot raise a voice against anything we see and learn to accept it thinking as its not happening to us, we should not bother about that. And if it is happening to us, we seek consolation in the fact that even others are facing it and as I am not the only one to face it, I should learn to live with that. I have a problem with that. I want Indians to rise and raise their voice against all that's not good in the society or nation. That's why I had written I have miles to go before I sleep, which means that it will take a long time for Indians to rise from their sleep and end their silent suffering. Till the day, we rise from the sleep, the people in power would continue to shamelessly exploit us as we silently suffer.