Sunday, August 7, 2011


I know how it feels to have a broken heart,
Not once, not twice,
Felt it many a time.

In the long journey that we were supposed to travel,
Was left by them after a mile we traveled,

Wandering all alone in an unknown road.
You came to me and showed me the light,
Held my hand and became my guide.

After many a mile we together traveled,
I feel the grip of your hand now slowly loosen.
The light getting dimmer,
The road seeming longer,
And all around me a world full of strangers.

Am losing my way dear,
Please hold me tighter,
Am losing my strength,
Am about to faint.

Please hold me dear,
Don't let me fall,
Don't leave me alone,
In an unknown world.

I know with me,
You may not gain.
But please do listen to my prayer in pain.
Hold me dear and show me the way,
Don't leave me please today in this way