Friday, December 28, 2012


I am a proud Indian,
I am a responsible citizen,
I pay all the taxes,
I follow all the rules.

I pay for the up keeping of the criminals in jail,
Who have killed me mercilessly in bus and in rail!
I pay for the security of the VIPs and VVIPs,
As I die in ambulances to let pass their convoys.

I am murdered in roads,
I am raped in buses,
I am robbed in trains,
I am burnt at my homes.
Still I pay for their food,
I pay for their travel,
I pay for their weddings,
I pay for their children.

One day my condition surely would change,
As I shall come out to break all chains.
I will walk that extra mile to set me free,
‘Coz till then they wont stop exploiting me.

I have “miles to go before I sleep”,
I have “miles to go before I sleep”,
Till then they would laugh at me,
While I silently weep.

A poem by Aisharyya Arindam