Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well this story that am going to share with you is something that actually happened to me. Some may find it too difficult to believe; even I would have found it difficult to believe until this Monday, 16 August 2010, when this happened to me.
          All my life, I mean the 21 years that I have lived in this planet, I have never ever believed in anything paranormal. Although I had watched the movie ‘Paranormal Activity’ on Saturday, I was only scared about the scenes in the movie, not at all, did I ever question my belief about the existence of ghosts. On Sunday, it was all but fun; my friends and I watched YouTube videos of Ouija board real life incidents. While my friends were scared to death by some of the videos, I had a good time laughing at them. Even the remotest of sound of the wind, or the door banging the wall were interpreted as paranormal activities. One of my friends even heard some sounds from the wall, which none of the rest could hear. In short, I had a great time laughing at all the false paranormal activities that was the result of the movie and the YouTube videos.
          Now on Monday, after a long and tiring day’s class at around 8:30 p.m., I decided to go out for a walk in the Dhakuria Lake and pursue my passion for photography. I was just clicking some random pictures of the trees in the dark surrounding the lake, the moon in the midst of trees, the dirty water, etc. On the other side of the Lake, there is the Rowing  Club, which surrounded by some buildings far away along with their reflections on the lake waters posed a beautiful picture for anyone who passed by that side of the lake. Now I took a photo of this beautiful landscape, but being not too satisfied with the effort, I decided to re-click the picture. Now after taking the second picture when I was looking at that on the LCD of my camera, I saw a strange sight. Some smoke appeared on the right hand side of the picture. I was awe-struck. I looked around myself and there was simply no sign of smoke anywhere. There were only some water bodies to my right and green grass to my left, which showed no signs of it being burnt even hours before. As I was trying to find out the possible signs of the smoke, I saw something, which further horrified me. Just a few feet away, I saw a steel bowl and a plate fly one after the other, in front of me. Suddenly, I heard some footsteps. I shouted who was it and there was no reply. There was no shadow, nothing only the footsteps could be heard. Slowly the sound of the footsteps came closer and closer and surely, this was too much for me to stand there and watch the rest of the drama. I started tracing my footsteps behind to go back to my Paying Guest. The faster I walked, the faster I could hear the footsteps following me. Still there was no one to be seen. Finally, I started running until I reached a street lamp that lighted the lake at night. I stood there trying to get my breath back when the light suddenly glowed off. I again heard the footsteps approaching me. Being almost scared to death, I started sprinting for life. I guess the speed with which I ran that half a kilometer would have been enough to break any world-record that ever existed for a similar distance. I ran until I reached close to the railway line, where I brought some water from the nearby shops and walked back home.
          After reaching my Paying Guest, I told my friends and my proprietor about the incidents that had happened in the Lake. None of them believed till I showed them the two photos that I had taken just seconds apart.

Photo 1
The first photo of the lake surrounded by the Rowing Club and some buildings.

Photo 2
This photo taken just a few seconds after the 1st photo. Here you can see the smoke appearing from the right hand side of the photo.  


Saturday, August 7, 2010


Born in colonies where you feared to tread,
You destroyed them too when new houses you made,
I slept on the streets when nice beds you had,
Tea-stands filled my hands when to school you went.

I learnt not the ABCs,
I learnt not the Sciences,
I read not the poems you loved,
From life, I had learnt.

You laughed, you ridiculed, you always louted me,
You shooed me from your homes when my hands I had spread,
The festivals you enjoyed were just a torture to me,
Coz the streets you roamed was my home.

I suffered, I cried at the justice God has made,
When I suddenly found the gift that I had,
When schools, colleges and parents made your future,
I started to write my destiny that I would one day make.

I fought; I battled my way to the top,
I proved myself a survivor when faced with odds,
As today before me, you spread your hands,
I smile within and offer you a job.

I was once badly treated,
I was once exploited,
But today I am acknowledged,
That I am the survivor,
I am the fighter,
I am the challenger,
I am the victor,

(written on 07/08/2010)