Saturday, August 7, 2010


Born in colonies where you feared to tread,
You destroyed them too when new houses you made,
I slept on the streets when nice beds you had,
Tea-stands filled my hands when to school you went.

I learnt not the ABCs,
I learnt not the Sciences,
I read not the poems you loved,
From life, I had learnt.

You laughed, you ridiculed, you always louted me,
You shooed me from your homes when my hands I had spread,
The festivals you enjoyed were just a torture to me,
Coz the streets you roamed was my home.

I suffered, I cried at the justice God has made,
When I suddenly found the gift that I had,
When schools, colleges and parents made your future,
I started to write my destiny that I would one day make.

I fought; I battled my way to the top,
I proved myself a survivor when faced with odds,
As today before me, you spread your hands,
I smile within and offer you a job.

I was once badly treated,
I was once exploited,
But today I am acknowledged,
That I am the survivor,
I am the fighter,
I am the challenger,
I am the victor,

(written on 07/08/2010)

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