Saturday, July 31, 2010


My life was empty,

My surroundings void,

Loneliness and sadness filled up my world.

I wanted some love,

But there was none by my side.

And then,

You came upon me,

Sat by my side,

And when the times were hard,

You gave me your love.

Days, months and years passed,

And time made you say goodbye.

Time took me back,

To my earlier world,

To my past life,

Still everything empty,

My surroundings void,

But no longer tragic,

No longer sad.

I have found now my truest friend,

Whom no time can ever fade,

Who will follow me to my deathbed,

My only companion, my only friend,

Loneliness, my truest friend.

I am alone,

And my world is empty,

I fear not losing,

Coz I have nothing.

No hope to gain,

No fear to lose,

That is my life,

Loneliness filled.

(This poem was written in the year 2006 when I was a student of Class XI at Salt Brook Academy(Science), Dibrugarh)

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