Saturday, July 31, 2010


Once there were two friends namely Rohan and Roshni, in a small town in Assam called Dibrugarh. Although both went to different schools, they used to be together whenever they were not in school-played together, studied together and did everything together. Roshni was very brilliant in studies while all that captured Rohan’s interest was art and crafts. He used to make different woodwork and present it to Roshni. Roshni was such awed at his brilliance that she in fact idolized him.

However, once they grew up, the scenario changed completely. Rohan’s attitude towards studies often earned him punishments from teachers. Although Roshni tried to make him to study harder but studies were not his cup of tea. He simply could not concentrate enough on studies and as a result, his performance in class began to deteriorate. In their board exams, Roshni passed with high grades in all subjects while Rohan just managed to scrape through. Now, Roshni started to find the company of her old friend disgraceful and his brilliance in arts and crafts stopped amazing her anymore. She in fact started avoiding him now.

After school, Roshni went to study Commerce in one of India’s best colleges and passed out with flying colours. She immediately joined one of the best investment banks in the world after college. Rohan in the meanwhile took admission in a local college and after two unsuccessful attempts at the first year examinations; he gave up and quit studies. He started working for a small artisans shop in Mumbai.

While working, Roshni fell in love with a colleague and married him. Within a few years, they became three when she gave birth to a baby boy. All this while, she never bothered to contact Rohan. She did not even invite him for her wedding. Rohan although knew all that was going on in Roshni’s life did not go to meet her as his presence may not make her feel too good.

Years later, tragedy struck. The bank in which Roshni and her husband were working closed down during the recession and they were without jobs. No company was ready to hire them at that time when the markets had crashed. They had loans against almost everything they possessed. After months of applying to several business houses for a job, they eventually received a letter from a Dubai based Interior Designing house owned by an Indian businessman. The letter said that they had heard good things about them from their previous employers and that they were hiring them to look after the Sales & Marketing section of the company’s Mumbai Office. The letter further stated that the company would take care of all their loans and asked them to join work immediately. It was only years later that they learnt that the Indian businessman who owned their company is none other than her childhood friend Rohan.

Author’s take

Friendship is not about showing to everyone that you are friends. It is about proving your friendship when time tests it. Even if one is treated badly by a friend, a true friend proves his friendship. Friendship does not hold grudges, nor does it seek favours. Friends are people who enter your mind and know more about you than you yourself. That’s why FRIENDSHIP is the most beautiful relationship that exists in this world.

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